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Seeing people that I wish I didn't!

I had a dream and it was one I remember which hasn't really happened since a few months ago. Usually I don't dream and less something is happening in my life and nothing is actually happening. So it makes me wonder...

On another note I saw mike again today. No one knows this mike, but every time I see him it only brings back old memories of me being the dumbest I think I have ever been (even dumber than getting in the fight with that tree and losing). He’s a nice guy and its not his fault, but that is one of the reasons why I would move to another country just so I would never have to see him or that other person again! Nothing like running from your past...

When at work and I'm dealing with a lot of customers at once because I'm working with a bunch of retards everything becomes a big blur. I was helping like three people at once today and at the end of helping the first I said, "Sorry that took so long!" he said it's alright(which might not have been true), it was interesting watching you work(Which I do believe was true).

I was helping someone today and I told we didn't have something but he didn't believe me so I took him over to the section and showed him we didn't have it and right in the middle of my sentence a dumbass old asian man came up behind me and said, "I have a question!" I turned around and said well as you can see sir I am already helping a customer so if you can wait until I'm done I will help you. SO I as finish with the first man I turn around open my eyes real big and say, "what is your question?" He asks something that I don't even deal with, but he doesn't have all the information about the product so I say the computer guys will know about that. And he says, "Ah you don't know anything." I say, "sir, I know things! You don't tell what I do and don't know! I'll punch you in the nose, besides you don't even know the answer so fuck off you old prick!" Oh yeah I that...
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