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Barry's Farewell...

Barry’s leaving again but this time he is actually moving to California. Which makes me want to go to. I’ll miss him but I can understand why he’s going. One reason is so he can just get past this place because it really isn’t doing anything for him. Sort of like starting a new…
And he is also going there for a girl and I am happy for him. He was kind of torn because the girl was going out with his friend but she moved to California and the boyfriend stayed and its basically Barry’s turn to try to make things work. They’ve been friends for a while and they have always said if it wasn’t for the boyfriend that there could be something between them and now there can. I know things will work out for him. I’ll try to keep in touch but this is something he can’t pass up and we both know that. So one of my best friends is gone again. I can sort of relate in wanting to start fresh with someone new. I mean new place, job and life. What more could someone who really has nothing here ask for? Barry needs this and I wish him the best!
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