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3 Recurring dreams!

Okay Monday was my day off and this is the dream I had. I haven't dreamt in awhile and I thought it was note worthy. Not only did I dream but when I fell back asleep and the dream kept going two times.

Dream 1: The first thing I remember is me and this black guy running through the streets of a big "New York like city". And if that isn't weird enough we are trying stop a bomb that is going to destroy the whole city from going off (think diehard with a vengeance). Now we get to this really bad area and we start to run under the highway. It starts to rain… As we go under the highway a bunch of big gangster Mexican dudes comes out of nowhere and start giving us a hard time. Of course the leader pushes his way to the front and isn't going to let us go without paying him money. (Now I'm in the same out fit as Bruce Willis and the black dude looks like Sam Jackson. Did it look like those guys had wallets? No!)

Me: "Dude we don't have time for this! There is a bomb going to go off if we don't get across town!"
At that moment the leader doesn't look like he believes me, Maybe that's why kicked the shit out of us and then dragged us to an old shack about 20ft away.
They tie us both up in the living room and his buddies leave and he walks in the kitchen. I come around to see someone untying us. It's a Hispanic girl maybe a little older than me with long black hair and might I add very attractive! But the strange thing is she is
someone who looks very familiar to me. She unties me and starts to walk out the door.

Me: "Wait! I know you from somewhere?"
She says, "give me a call sometime.."
I take out my cell phone (I don't where I got it.) and start punching in the numbers she is listing off. Now the kitchen has a straight view to the front door and the Mexican dude sees me and starts yelling. "Hey, Get the fuck away from the door! Stop talking to her!" (Kind of like he is jealous..) Now I'm trying to listen to the phone number and type it in as fast as I can before this dude leaps on me. Too Late! He's on me and its go time, but I'm really having no problems wrestling him to the ground. I drag him to the door to see where the girl went and I'm holding on the ground by the neck I peak out the door and she's walking away in the distance.

I wake up(10:50)! You know that stunned feeling of not knowing what's real and what's not. That's what I had. I fall back asleep (Around 11:00).

Dream 2: The man that I was with has now turned into Jordan (My friend from high school.). Now we are running through a 5 story mall and its still raining. (I have no idea how I got a away, But here we are…) We are running all sweaty, wet, and beat up pushing people out of our way trying to get to the bottom. As we are get to the bottom we go to run outside to the city streets which is completely flooded I see the girl again. I stop, and now Jordan starts yelling at me saying we have to go. I walk up to her and ask her for her number again. She gives it to me and I actually get into my phone and I walk outside.

I wake up again 11:15! without even thinking I feel the side my leg to see if I had my cell phone. The thing is I only had on boxers and I have no pockets to put a cell in. It takes me less than a minute to fall asleep.

Dream 3: Now to give you a picture. I'm standing alone outside of a library right now in the middle of the city. I'm standing on top of the stairs that lead up to the front door looking out. As I look out I can see the entire city underwater kind of like day after tomorrow. I run inside and see nobody, but the crazy thing is it's a really nice library. You'd think since there was a giant storm was outside it would be destroyed. I keep running through this place and get to the back where there is a spiral staircase and run up it about 5 stories. There's a big run down bell tower at the top and to the back of the room with a briefcase on a wooden table in the back of the room. I walk over, open it, and see a timer and it says 00:00. I both look back at the door and there's the girl standing there. She starts walking towards me…

I wake up 11:26! Three dreams all within about 30minutes consisting of me and this strange girl. I'm not even running with the same guy it all, but it's the same person. I knew the times because each time that's one of the first things I did. Usually I have dreams for a reason and a lot of times I can tie things into them, But this one I have NO Clue!

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Saying Mean Things to Women

Okay Now I have said some bad things before. But it has always been in my defense. Mostly people attacking me first and something mean comes out. Today I was told a story of a fellow worker of mine saying something really mean to a friend. He said it as a joke, but joking about personal issues is not funny. especially when its things the person does not want other people to know about. He then has the balls to ask she the girl is made at him. Now in his defense he is young. Now when I say young I don't mean 12. I'm 20, but I believe I have matured well beyond 20 at this point. He is 19 and he still has a long way to go. You can tell just by looking at him. Its all in life experiences and I think maybe that's why I don't hangout with people my own age. This is not me glorifying myself, but there are just some things you don't say unless you are ready for what it brings. I think he needs to not try to hurt people in the strive to make others laugh. Only do that unless you plan on not being their friend anymore. I wont tell him this though. We will all learn in our own time. No one came out and told me the lessons I learned straight out.
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