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It finally happened....

I had a dream that woke me up in a panic! It was quite bad... And as soon as I woke up I had to write it down.

Setting the scene: I'm at work standing with Kevin but instead of my work it looks like target.

so as Kevin and I are walking through the DVD section talking about stupid customers and thinking up ways to improve the department we see garielle walking through our department walking away from us trying not to see us(Like she being trying to do lately). I say, "Hey wait up! Here for the 4th time in a row?" We bullshit for a sec. but it kind of seems like she doesn't want to talk(Like she has been doing a lot lately!)

As we are standing there and talking this old white guy walks up to us and says,
Him: "Where can I go to make a complaint?" I say,
Me: "Why, Is there a problem?"
Him: Because This place is evil!
Me: Your telling me! But why do you say that?
(The guy takes out a compass and he shows me that the needle does not stop spinning)
Me: Sir that doesn't mean anything, This could be a nexus point or something(Don't really know that means But I said that word for word)
Kevin: Just like in the church of scientology?
Him: Yes!
(We say whatever to the guy and walk off.)

Garielle says she’s needs to go and leaves... I then turn and start to walk away from Kevin thinking about I should ask garielle if she wants to hangout but then realize it is hopeless because she never wants to do anything. Now as I'm walking off I grab my beaded bracelet and break it and the beads go everywhere. I start to run and as I get half way across the store I meet up with Rochelle, Tracy, and Mark(Rochelle and Tracy are my friends and Mark is Rochelle's boyfriend. But the problem is I like Rochelle and She has a boyfriend that hates me because I hangout with his girlfriend when he's not there... Huh Kind of seems familiar, HAHAHAHAHA. Not must has changed in the PAST YEARS! ). (So anyway...) I meet up with them and we bullshit for a minute and then Tracy and mark walk away and I'm left alone with Rochelle and here is where it gets fucked up!

We start walking to another area of the store. I'm walking ahead of her and she says with a sigh,
Rochelle: I just loving having him(Mark) around. Its just nice having something cute around and is pen(As in penis), My god!
ME: AH! I don't need to know that!
Rochelle: What there’s nothing wrong with saying that. Its true and his Paste.
ME: I DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!!! (I wake up in mid sentence and in a panic. I just think, "Oh god thank you, it was just a dream...")

Now I haven't really been dreaming or lets say remembering my dreams and this one has just conveyed all things I have been feeling lately. The unfortunate thing is that I can't remember any good dreams.
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