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Step Down and Out….

I am now going to write about a lot of people you don't know but bare with me. I enjoyed the topic a lot and I think this is a good one. This is how I spent my weekend with my Asian friends and a little side note… I'm the only white guy.

After hanging out with Sean for the afternoon I go home and I get a message from Garielle telling me that a bunch of us are meeting at the strip club. You see Vevee had come into town from California and we all wanted to hangout. So we meet up outside of the stripe club and then go in. There were 5 girls and 4 guys and we grab a table next to the door. After about an hour and a half we see a bunch of other people we know so we decided to move to the back corner were there was another pole dancer. Holy shit was this girl hot! She was a short asian girl that got every seat filled next to the stage. Then she gets down and people get up and my buddy Lawrence and I sit down next to the girls we came with and dollars ready to go. This girl gets up there and starts to do her thing. So this girl gives Lawrence this look and positions him and gives him this little maneuver that is really hard to describe. Let me just say that the look on Lawrence's face was hilarious! (Now I'm going to pause this for a sec and explain something. I don't go to strip clubs to get a hard on! I think of it as these girls are not going to have sex with me! So why wake my penis up? It's like looking at art to me I guess.) So this girl now turns to me and gives me the same look and I get positioned. Now She leaps on my lap and starts to slam her snatch so hard into me I'm thinking, "Is this supposed to be sexy cause this kind of hurts!?" Then looks around and says, "where is it?" And you hear about 20 guys behind me say, "OHHHHHH!!" I thinking to myself good thing I didn't have a hard-on because this bitch would have snapped it in half! I tried to defend myself a little as we all got outside but I really didn't care all that much. I get home at 3am and I have to get up for work at 6am.

I got three hours of sleep and I had to go to work. (During those three hours I have a dream and the weird thing that I didn't know then was that the dream was going to come true in a way.) That entire day was really hard but I got off at 4 and I went home and got to sleep. I was supposed to go to James' house that night but I kind of over slept. I wake up at 8:30 and I get in my car and drive over to his place because we I'm sit supposed to hangout with the girls even later that night. I hangout at James' for an hour and a half and then I get the call.

I leave and I'm told that where to go. I get there and I know a few people (basically Garielle, Vevee and Joan. Which I haven't seen Joan in awhile.) But when I get there I introduce myself and we start to play drinking games (when I drink I loosen up and I get along with people more so I'm up for it.). But after the drinking game I head for the bathroom cause I need to pee. Now Joan comes over to the hall way next to the bathroom as I waiting for someone to get out.(Joan is one of the friends of all the girls in the group. Now the first time I hungout with them at a party I got her number and she never called me back. No big deal at all but here is where it starts to get the WRONG WAY!) Now I didn't start anything! But she starts pulling and pushing on me and putting this guilt trip on me like saying that I like so and so and she starts saying that I'm "a player" and that she also hates me. Now she was drunk and its not her fault that she wasn't thinking clear, but that's not the first time she had done that to me. She basically trying to make me feel bad for wanting to hangout with everyone. Especially Vevee even though she is town for the weekend. Finally after her saying I hate you so many fucking times I finally said, "Fine, hate me. Go then!" Seriously I'm a guy who doesn't like bullshit when I'm drunk and That sure was a load of it. I look back now and it makes me so fucking mad! That's the last time she does that to me!

So after that little thing I go into the kitchen and I start talking to garielle and vevee again. Then about 20 mins later Mark and Rodney show up and the party starts to get better because there guys I know. And then I get happy because Lawrence shows up and he's my drinking buddy. Now Lawrence gets and 10mins later he is toasted! I don't know how many shots he took but he is now beating me in whose drunker and I have been there at least an hour and a half longer than him. Now we go into the living room where they have a karaoke machine set my and Lawrence is sitting on the couch and I see his hand go up and I see liquid shoot in between his fingers and I say, "Oh Shit!" and I get him up and rush him outside. Now looking at Lawrence at this point his whole shirt is covered in vomit so I get him up stairs and to the bath and I tell him to take off his shirt because this is way to early for him to be out of the party. (Now if you have ever saw "Billy Madison" where the kid pees himself and adam sandler pretends he pees himself so the kid doesn't feel left out. Well that's basically what I do. I take off my shirt to and we go down stairs as two shirtless dudes!) The party goes on for a little longer and then things start to get a little blurry! I pass out near a couch at around 3am…. I think…. hahahaha

I get woken up at 9am and boy was I feeling like shit. (Too bad we didn't have a long talk like we did at Lawrence's house. That was fun a couple months ago when Lawrence, jill, vevee, and I did that.) We are all trying to recuperate Lawrence especially! We agree that we are all starving and we need to eat something. Its decided that Lawrence, Garielle, Vevee, Joan and I were going to Arizona Charley's. But as we get there the girls say, "that they are really tried and they just want to go home and I agree that it is an awesome idea! They say they'll give me a call later to do something. I step in my door at about 10am and I ask Dylan (My brother) to cook me a bagel because I basically shut off as soon as I got through the door and I fell asleep. I didn't wake up until 2pm when I got a call from garielle saying that they want to meet up at the palms for the movies at 4:30. We see blades of glory which was really funny! Now there is an extra person and that is Sara (pointing this out for later!). After that we head to vevees' so she can grab something and we head to the carnival at the meadows mall. We get out of cars and we start walking and Sara turns around and says, "Did you like the movie?" I do the jerk like are you talking to me? Because Sara has literally never said a word to me and I having seen her a bunch of times so you can imagine my surprise! So we talk a little bit and she seems cool (that was one of those things that stuck out. So now when I hangout with them I think I can say hi to her and I wont feel stupid like I did every time I tried before, hahahaha). Mark meet us there and we all hangout for a little bit. Garielle tells us that there is another party that is going on tonight. But is a close friends birthday and she doesn't know if mark and I can come. She works it out but the bad thing is Rodney and Lawrence can't come. So Mark and I decide that out of respect we can party without our drinking buddies, because they wouldn't without us. But we do chug two for the road.

Now vevee leaves today and that means everything goes back to normal except for the horrible dream I have that night. I think hanging out with Asians for the past three days gave me something to work with for this. But the what the horrible part was I got scared in this dream. Like really fucking scared and I tried to wake myself up several times and I couldn't. I was trapped and I had to let it play out until I woke up….

In my dream I had an Asian Girlfriend and she had to one of the most beautiful woman I have ever dreamed up. She was slender with short black hair with purple streaks in it. Now were in her room and I could see sunlight shinning through her window. Now as I'm looking at her I know this is a dream. This is obviously too good to be true! I'm looking at her and I feel that I have strong feelings for her. Now at this moment Lawrence runs in her room and says, "There are a bunch of guys outside and they are waiting for you Matthew. They don't look happy." I tell her and Lawrence to go out the back door and as fast as they can and I'll meet up with them at my house later. I step out onto the front yard and there are four cars with a guy standing on each side of the car. They basically tell me they have come for my life which is a bad turn from the time I was spending with my fake girlfriend, hahahahaha. I run and jump on one of the cars' roof and jump into my car and drive off. Now at this point I'm scared and I feel there is no way out of this. After a chase scene I getting away from them and I reach my house. Now my house is basically a "david lynch" two story run down shack. I step in and Its leaking dirty water from the ceiling. That's it for me! I'm starting to get scared shitless and I want out so I try to wake myself up by pinching my arm. Nothing happens! I see Lawrence on the floor and he's not moving. I walk over and pick him up and see eyes have rolled back into his head. I walk over to the base of the stairs that are at the side of the house and hear my girlfriend's screams from up stairs. I now seeing horror movie images flashes in my head. I don't want to go up and see what's happening. I still know this is a dream and I try to wake up and still no luck! I put my head against the wall as I can still hear her up stairs. Look up the stairs and start running and as soon I get to the top I see her tied to a chair and a bright flash. I get hit and fall down the stairs and wake up staring at the light in my room. There had only been a few times I can remember that I was physically afraid in my dreams to where I wake up and I still feel afraid.
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