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Hell Night...

last night sean, athena, and I took some chocolate that was laced with something. If was supposed to be weed but I think there has to have been more than just that. That night was very bad for me. I got so scared that sean was going to die. He started moving very slowly and he wasn't breathing right. Athena starts freaking out and at this point I'm still tripping! Sean looks up at me and I say are you alright and he looks up at me with these big eyes. Athena turns on the shower and I throw him in and start slapping him. He snaps out of it and says, he's okay. I start going into what he was in and I jump in the shower as well. We start talking about what just happened trying to see if sean remembered what he was doing.

Then it started up again! I am now teleporting and I can't remember how I'm getting from one room to the other. I couldn't get a grasp on reality. I kept sinking into the couch and I thought someone I care about was hurt somewhere and I couldn't help her. I was sitting on the couch twitching and jerking. I just needed to go to bed, but I couldn't. I kept having those panic attacks for atleast 2 hours. Each one of my senses start hurting. I wake up at 600 and check my mail. Fall back asleep then again at  9:30. Then I someone for lunch but I was still pretty out of it and was horrible company for someone's lunch break. Even if she wouldn't admit it. I got back to their house at 1:15 and sleep until 6:30. Then we had L&L for dinner. I just can't believe I freaked out that bad. It was so bad that I can't really describe it in words. I hurt everywhere. Good thing no one was actually hurt.

We have videos of the first half but the second half is where things got really bad. If you to see them let me know...
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