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FNMATTHEW!'s Journal
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Tuesday, June 12th, 2007
1:09 am
Whats going on bitches!?
-Well I turned 21! I have been going out to clubs lately and getting thrashed. I love drinking. I love the girls, but I’m really only looking for one. 

-I got rid of the chick I was kind of not really seeing. See decided to fuck me over more than I ever thought she would. My mistake I guess…

-I might be getting in another situation like the others. I said I wasn’t to get in one ever again but I’m retarded and can’t help trying to be happy.

-I love the Asians and they love me! Hahahaha,

-I shaved my head and I'm keeping it this way
Tuesday, May 1st, 2007
6:51 am
1.suffering from bad luck
2.unfavorable or inauspicious
3.regrettable or deplorable
4.marked by or inviting misfortune
5.lamentable; sad
Sentence: An unfortunate person.

Disclaimer: You might not want to read this because at this point it kind of shows a weakness and puts the way I try to live to shame. At this point the meaning of my tattoo means nothing… Also As I’m writing this I’m jumping around and I can’t pick a topic and stay with it. Sorry if its hard to read but its just kind of hard to think.
Music: What it’s like
(I woke this morning and I felt happy. Just like every time I wake up and I see a message on my phone from her, but also because of what happened.. But I woke up and felt happy, even more so than I have been. Last night I didn't really plan any of it. It kind of just played out like that.. )

Saturday I made my sister (Michelle the 17 year old.) Cry… She mentioned that she never sees me and she asked me if there was a girl. I basically told her everything(Her and I are kind of close because I try to help her with life lessons and talks). I told her all of my feelings and I NEVER tell my family anything. As I was pouring everything out I could see the tears building but I was so happy to finally be able to tell someone that I couldn’t stop. I kept telling her how happy I was to just be near her. Even if its just that! After she wiped her eyes and told me she has never heard me say anything remotely close to that and she was happy for me.

But now, I really don't know what to say. As soon as I heard what she was saying I felt all this come through. I felt anger towards him and his friend! But after that a lot of the anger was toward myself. I think a lot of it was because I was not sure about what was going to happen next. I think about what it would be like if she was not in my life.. I think about

I know I might be acting like a child right now. But this isn’t just some meaningless thing. Things have played over and over and over in my head. About the past, present and future and I really can’t see myself without her. I know this is a little crazy and it is moving kind of fast in my head but its how I feel. I looked at myself in the mirror and I said where is the tough guy that had his feelings in check. The guy who didn’t let things get to him.

Last night I told her the thing I don’t tell anyone and I keep from everyone. Its something I’m a little insecure about. Its kind of something I lie to everyone I know. Not really lie but leave out.

I drove around for awhile. I don't know if I can sleep. But I did take something and it also helped with my chest so maybe I can fall asleep. My chest so hurting so bad! I have broken bones in my body, gotten tattoos, had surgery and so many other things that I can’t even list and they don’t hurt as much as my chest was. Right now I’m actually feeling a huge headache but I might be able to brush that off. The way I solve major problems is I sleep them off. But I’m really afraid to fall sleep. I have no one to talk to. I called Sean but he didn’t answer. You know I have hit the bottom when I call Sean for advice.

Right now I’m waiting for her call… As I’m writing this I’m jumping around and I can’t pick a topic and stay with it.

I feel like saying so many things but I know if I say anymore I will sound like a creepy asshole. There is so much I feel is unsaid. So much that I want to tell her.

She told me that she text him something today and that he didn’t reply all day. She knew he had seen it because he had showed someone. I can’t believe he would make her wait for something like that. THAT‘S FUCKED UP! I would never let someone wait on that. At least send something like, “I don’t know”. At least something man…

Right now I’m kind of outside the box and I’m looking in and I wish I could DO ANYTHING to make everything alright. Right now I just feel so selfish.

I have one day till my birthday... Right now I don't feel like celebrating anything. Right now I just have this bad feeling that things aren’t going to workout. If they don’t I’ll use this vacation to drown myself and maybe skip on the “happiness” I have planned. Last thing I need is do have a horrible trip again.
1:30am: I just got the call…. It wasn’t good. The whole time I was on the phone I really say one thing. It seems that the whole reason any of this has happened is because a guy named Noel. This mother fucker is destroying lives.. She told me that this might be the whole reason why everything turned out the way they did. Unfortunately since this has happened if she does chose him over me our friendship can’t go back the way it was. And I really feel I wont be able to find someone as cool as her. She understands me more than anyone has and I think ever will. She likes me for all my faults and I like her for the few she has.

I feel like such a selfish piece of shit. I’m such a horrible person! I sit here and type away while all this shit is being thrown upon her. I don’t want her to hurt ever. But I feel I’m doing it at this point. The two vicodin I took for the chest pain has worn off and its hurting again and I feel this is only the start.

At this point I went and drove around for awhile because I was wanting for her call. And when I was driving my eyes were getting really heavy and they were doing the whole snap open thing which I think is because of the vicodin so I came home. I'm not out to crash tonight.. I wait for her call again after she confronts noel with this whole thing. I lay in bed waiting for her call. I keep the phone in my hand the whole time. It’s 6:30 and she hasn’t called. I text her because I wonder what happen. I’ll wait for her reply.

Current Mood: Read the post! probably insane
Sunday, April 29th, 2007
10:35 am
One of the best days ever.
Yesterday I spent a couple hours at sunset park with her and her little dog papa. The first half was spend chasing him around and trying not to let him get killed by small birds and other big dogs. The second we tied him to a root and laid under a tree together. The only reason we left was because she had work. I did something stupid at the end but I don't think it was that bad. I was surprised and thats my excuse.
Thursday, April 19th, 2007
4:29 am
Read this!
If you are reading my journal and you find something you don't like then maybe you shouldn't have read it. This is mine and its where I go to vent and it helps me feel better after I write in this. If you read any of this without my permission then I guess you don't give me the respect that I give you. I'm sorry if any of it offended but maybe you shouldn't be here at all! Leave and Forget any of this before I find out what you did!
Tuesday, April 17th, 2007
1:44 am
Hell Night...
last night sean, athena, and I took some chocolate that was laced with something. If was supposed to be weed but I think there has to have been more than just that. That night was very bad for me. I got so scared that sean was going to die. He started moving very slowly and he wasn't breathing right. Athena starts freaking out and at this point I'm still tripping! Sean looks up at me and I say are you alright and he looks up at me with these big eyes. Athena turns on the shower and I throw him in and start slapping him. He snaps out of it and says, he's okay. I start going into what he was in and I jump in the shower as well. We start talking about what just happened trying to see if sean remembered what he was doing.

Then it started up again! I am now teleporting and I can't remember how I'm getting from one room to the other. I couldn't get a grasp on reality. I kept sinking into the couch and I thought someone I care about was hurt somewhere and I couldn't help her. I was sitting on the couch twitching and jerking. I just needed to go to bed, but I couldn't. I kept having those panic attacks for atleast 2 hours. Each one of my senses start hurting. I wake up at 600 and check my mail. Fall back asleep then again at  9:30. Then I someone for lunch but I was still pretty out of it and was horrible company for someone's lunch break. Even if she wouldn't admit it. I got back to their house at 1:15 and sleep until 6:30. Then we had L&L for dinner. I just can't believe I freaked out that bad. It was so bad that I can't really describe it in words. I hurt everywhere. Good thing no one was actually hurt.

We have videos of the first half but the second half is where things got really bad. If you to see them let me know...
Monday, April 2nd, 2007
10:04 pm
Step Down and Out….
I am now going to write about a lot of people you don't know but bare with me. I enjoyed the topic a lot and I think this is a good one. This is how I spent my weekend with my Asian friends and a little side note… I'm the only white guy.

After hanging out with Sean for the afternoon I go home and I get a message from Garielle telling me that a bunch of us are meeting at the strip club. You see Vevee had come into town from California and we all wanted to hangout. So we meet up outside of the stripe club and then go in. There were 5 girls and 4 guys and we grab a table next to the door. After about an hour and a half we see a bunch of other people we know so we decided to move to the back corner were there was another pole dancer. Holy shit was this girl hot! She was a short asian girl that got every seat filled next to the stage. Then she gets down and people get up and my buddy Lawrence and I sit down next to the girls we came with and dollars ready to go. This girl gets up there and starts to do her thing. So this girl gives Lawrence this look and positions him and gives him this little maneuver that is really hard to describe. Let me just say that the look on Lawrence's face was hilarious! (Now I'm going to pause this for a sec and explain something. I don't go to strip clubs to get a hard on! I think of it as these girls are not going to have sex with me! So why wake my penis up? It's like looking at art to me I guess.) So this girl now turns to me and gives me the same look and I get positioned. Now She leaps on my lap and starts to slam her snatch so hard into me I'm thinking, "Is this supposed to be sexy cause this kind of hurts!?" Then looks around and says, "where is it?" And you hear about 20 guys behind me say, "OHHHHHH!!" I thinking to myself good thing I didn't have a hard-on because this bitch would have snapped it in half! I tried to defend myself a little as we all got outside but I really didn't care all that much. I get home at 3am and I have to get up for work at 6am.

I got three hours of sleep and I had to go to work. (During those three hours I have a dream and the weird thing that I didn't know then was that the dream was going to come true in a way.) That entire day was really hard but I got off at 4 and I went home and got to sleep. I was supposed to go to James' house that night but I kind of over slept. I wake up at 8:30 and I get in my car and drive over to his place because we I'm sit supposed to hangout with the girls even later that night. I hangout at James' for an hour and a half and then I get the call.

I leave and I'm told that where to go. I get there and I know a few people (basically Garielle, Vevee and Joan. Which I haven't seen Joan in awhile.) But when I get there I introduce myself and we start to play drinking games (when I drink I loosen up and I get along with people more so I'm up for it.). But after the drinking game I head for the bathroom cause I need to pee. Now Joan comes over to the hall way next to the bathroom as I waiting for someone to get out.(Joan is one of the friends of all the girls in the group. Now the first time I hungout with them at a party I got her number and she never called me back. No big deal at all but here is where it starts to get the WRONG WAY!) Now I didn't start anything! But she starts pulling and pushing on me and putting this guilt trip on me like saying that I like so and so and she starts saying that I'm "a player" and that she also hates me. Now she was drunk and its not her fault that she wasn't thinking clear, but that's not the first time she had done that to me. She basically trying to make me feel bad for wanting to hangout with everyone. Especially Vevee even though she is town for the weekend. Finally after her saying I hate you so many fucking times I finally said, "Fine, hate me. Go then!" Seriously I'm a guy who doesn't like bullshit when I'm drunk and That sure was a load of it. I look back now and it makes me so fucking mad! That's the last time she does that to me!

So after that little thing I go into the kitchen and I start talking to garielle and vevee again. Then about 20 mins later Mark and Rodney show up and the party starts to get better because there guys I know. And then I get happy because Lawrence shows up and he's my drinking buddy. Now Lawrence gets and 10mins later he is toasted! I don't know how many shots he took but he is now beating me in whose drunker and I have been there at least an hour and a half longer than him. Now we go into the living room where they have a karaoke machine set my and Lawrence is sitting on the couch and I see his hand go up and I see liquid shoot in between his fingers and I say, "Oh Shit!" and I get him up and rush him outside. Now looking at Lawrence at this point his whole shirt is covered in vomit so I get him up stairs and to the bath and I tell him to take off his shirt because this is way to early for him to be out of the party. (Now if you have ever saw "Billy Madison" where the kid pees himself and adam sandler pretends he pees himself so the kid doesn't feel left out. Well that's basically what I do. I take off my shirt to and we go down stairs as two shirtless dudes!) The party goes on for a little longer and then things start to get a little blurry! I pass out near a couch at around 3am…. I think…. hahahaha

I get woken up at 9am and boy was I feeling like shit. (Too bad we didn't have a long talk like we did at Lawrence's house. That was fun a couple months ago when Lawrence, jill, vevee, and I did that.) We are all trying to recuperate Lawrence especially! We agree that we are all starving and we need to eat something. Its decided that Lawrence, Garielle, Vevee, Joan and I were going to Arizona Charley's. But as we get there the girls say, "that they are really tried and they just want to go home and I agree that it is an awesome idea! They say they'll give me a call later to do something. I step in my door at about 10am and I ask Dylan (My brother) to cook me a bagel because I basically shut off as soon as I got through the door and I fell asleep. I didn't wake up until 2pm when I got a call from garielle saying that they want to meet up at the palms for the movies at 4:30. We see blades of glory which was really funny! Now there is an extra person and that is Sara (pointing this out for later!). After that we head to vevees' so she can grab something and we head to the carnival at the meadows mall. We get out of cars and we start walking and Sara turns around and says, "Did you like the movie?" I do the jerk like are you talking to me? Because Sara has literally never said a word to me and I having seen her a bunch of times so you can imagine my surprise! So we talk a little bit and she seems cool (that was one of those things that stuck out. So now when I hangout with them I think I can say hi to her and I wont feel stupid like I did every time I tried before, hahahaha). Mark meet us there and we all hangout for a little bit. Garielle tells us that there is another party that is going on tonight. But is a close friends birthday and she doesn't know if mark and I can come. She works it out but the bad thing is Rodney and Lawrence can't come. So Mark and I decide that out of respect we can party without our drinking buddies, because they wouldn't without us. But we do chug two for the road.

Now vevee leaves today and that means everything goes back to normal except for the horrible dream I have that night. I think hanging out with Asians for the past three days gave me something to work with for this. But the what the horrible part was I got scared in this dream. Like really fucking scared and I tried to wake myself up several times and I couldn't. I was trapped and I had to let it play out until I woke up….

In my dream I had an Asian Girlfriend and she had to one of the most beautiful woman I have ever dreamed up. She was slender with short black hair with purple streaks in it. Now were in her room and I could see sunlight shinning through her window. Now as I'm looking at her I know this is a dream. This is obviously too good to be true! I'm looking at her and I feel that I have strong feelings for her. Now at this moment Lawrence runs in her room and says, "There are a bunch of guys outside and they are waiting for you Matthew. They don't look happy." I tell her and Lawrence to go out the back door and as fast as they can and I'll meet up with them at my house later. I step out onto the front yard and there are four cars with a guy standing on each side of the car. They basically tell me they have come for my life which is a bad turn from the time I was spending with my fake girlfriend, hahahahaha. I run and jump on one of the cars' roof and jump into my car and drive off. Now at this point I'm scared and I feel there is no way out of this. After a chase scene I getting away from them and I reach my house. Now my house is basically a "david lynch" two story run down shack. I step in and Its leaking dirty water from the ceiling. That's it for me! I'm starting to get scared shitless and I want out so I try to wake myself up by pinching my arm. Nothing happens! I see Lawrence on the floor and he's not moving. I walk over and pick him up and see eyes have rolled back into his head. I walk over to the base of the stairs that are at the side of the house and hear my girlfriend's screams from up stairs. I now seeing horror movie images flashes in my head. I don't want to go up and see what's happening. I still know this is a dream and I try to wake up and still no luck! I put my head against the wall as I can still hear her up stairs. Look up the stairs and start running and as soon I get to the top I see her tied to a chair and a bright flash. I get hit and fall down the stairs and wake up staring at the light in my room. There had only been a few times I can remember that I was physically afraid in my dreams to where I wake up and I still feel afraid.
Thursday, March 22nd, 2007
2:24 pm
It finally happened....
I had a dream that woke me up in a panic! It was quite bad... And as soon as I woke up I had to write it down.

Setting the scene: I'm at work standing with Kevin but instead of my work it looks like target.

so as Kevin and I are walking through the DVD section talking about stupid customers and thinking up ways to improve the department we see garielle walking through our department walking away from us trying not to see us(Like she being trying to do lately). I say, "Hey wait up! Here for the 4th time in a row?" We bullshit for a sec. but it kind of seems like she doesn't want to talk(Like she has been doing a lot lately!)

As we are standing there and talking this old white guy walks up to us and says,
Him: "Where can I go to make a complaint?" I say,
Me: "Why, Is there a problem?"
Him: Because This place is evil!
Me: Your telling me! But why do you say that?
(The guy takes out a compass and he shows me that the needle does not stop spinning)
Me: Sir that doesn't mean anything, This could be a nexus point or something(Don't really know that means But I said that word for word)
Kevin: Just like in the church of scientology?
Him: Yes!
(We say whatever to the guy and walk off.)

Garielle says she’s needs to go and leaves... I then turn and start to walk away from Kevin thinking about I should ask garielle if she wants to hangout but then realize it is hopeless because she never wants to do anything. Now as I'm walking off I grab my beaded bracelet and break it and the beads go everywhere. I start to run and as I get half way across the store I meet up with Rochelle, Tracy, and Mark(Rochelle and Tracy are my friends and Mark is Rochelle's boyfriend. But the problem is I like Rochelle and She has a boyfriend that hates me because I hangout with his girlfriend when he's not there... Huh Kind of seems familiar, HAHAHAHAHA. Not must has changed in the PAST YEARS! ). (So anyway...) I meet up with them and we bullshit for a minute and then Tracy and mark walk away and I'm left alone with Rochelle and here is where it gets fucked up!

We start walking to another area of the store. I'm walking ahead of her and she says with a sigh,
Rochelle: I just loving having him(Mark) around. Its just nice having something cute around and is pen(As in penis), My god!
ME: AH! I don't need to know that!
Rochelle: What there’s nothing wrong with saying that. Its true and his Paste.
ME: I DON'T NEED TO KNOW THAT!!! (I wake up in mid sentence and in a panic. I just think, "Oh god thank you, it was just a dream...")

Now I haven't really been dreaming or lets say remembering my dreams and this one has just conveyed all things I have been feeling lately. The unfortunate thing is that I can't remember any good dreams.

Current Mood: restless
Thursday, October 5th, 2006
3:12 am
Saying Mean Things to Women
Okay Now I have said some bad things before. But it has always been in my defense. Mostly people attacking me first and something mean comes out. Today I was told a story of a fellow worker of mine saying something really mean to a friend. He said it as a joke, but joking about personal issues is not funny. especially when its things the person does not want other people to know about. He then has the balls to ask the girl if she is made at him. Now in his defense he is young. Now when I say young I don't mean 12. I'm 20, but I believe I have matured well beyond 20 at this point. He is 19 and he still has a long way to go. You can tell just by looking at him. Its all in life experiences and I think maybe that's why I don't hangout with people my own age. This is not me glorifying myself, but there are just some things you don't say unless you are ready for what it brings. I think he needs to not try to hurt people in the strive to make others laugh. Only do that unless you plan on not being their friend anymore. I wont tell him this though. We will all learn in our own time. No one came out and told me the lessons I learned straight out.
3:11 am
3 Recurring dreams!
Okay Monday was my day off and this is the dream I had. I haven't dreamt in awhile and I thought it was note worthy. Not only did I dream but when I fell back asleep and the dream kept going two times.

Dream 1: The first thing I remember is me and this black guy running through the streets of a big "New York like city". And if that isn't weird enough we are trying stop a bomb that is going to destroy the whole city from going off (think diehard with a vengeance). Now we get to this really bad area and we start to run under the highway. It starts to rain… As we go under the highway a bunch of big gangster Mexican dudes comes out of nowhere and start giving us a hard time. Of course the leader pushes his way to the front and isn't going to let us go without paying him money. (Now I'm in the same out fit as Bruce Willis and the black dude looks like Sam Jackson. Did it look like those guys had wallets? No!)

Me: "Dude we don't have time for this! There is a bomb going to go off if we don't get across town!"
At that moment the leader doesn't look like he believes me, Maybe that's why kicked the shit out of us and then dragged us to an old shack about 20ft away.
They tie us both up in the living room and his buddies leave and he walks in the kitchen. I come around to see someone untying us. It's a Hispanic girl maybe a little older than me with long black hair and might I add very attractive! But the strange thing is she is
someone who looks very familiar to me. She unties me and starts to walk out the door.

Me: "Wait! I know you from somewhere?"
She says, "give me a call sometime.."
I take out my cell phone (I don't where I got it.) and start punching in the numbers she is listing off. Now the kitchen has a straight view to the front door and the Mexican dude sees me and starts yelling. "Hey, Get the fuck away from the door! Stop talking to her!" (Kind of like he is jealous..) Now I'm trying to listen to the phone number and type it in as fast as I can before this dude leaps on me. Too Late! He's on me and its go time, but I'm really having no problems wrestling him to the ground. I drag him to the door to see where the girl went and I'm holding on the ground by the neck I peak out the door and she's walking away in the distance.

I wake up(10:50)! You know that stunned feeling of not knowing what's real and what's not. That's what I had. I fall back asleep (Around 11:00).

Dream 2: The man that I was with has now turned into Jordan (My friend from high school.). Now we are running through a 5 story mall and its still raining. (I have no idea how I got a away, But here we are…) We are running all sweaty, wet, and beat up pushing people out of our way trying to get to the bottom. As we are get to the bottom we go to run outside to the city streets which is completely flooded I see the girl again. I stop, and now Jordan starts yelling at me saying we have to go. I walk up to her and ask her for her number again. She gives it to me and I actually get into my phone and I walk outside.

I wake up again 11:15! without even thinking I feel the side my leg to see if I had my cell phone. The thing is I only had on boxers and I have no pockets to put a cell in. It takes me less than a minute to fall asleep.

Dream 3: Now to give you a picture. I'm standing alone outside of a library right now in the middle of the city. I'm standing on top of the stairs that lead up to the front door looking out. As I look out I can see the entire city underwater kind of like day after tomorrow. I run inside and see nobody, but the crazy thing is it's a really nice library. You'd think since there was a giant storm was outside it would be destroyed. I keep running through this place and get to the back where there is a spiral staircase and run up it about 5 stories. There's a big run down bell tower at the top and to the back of the room with a briefcase on a wooden table in the back of the room. I walk over, open it, and see a timer and it says 00:00. I both look back at the door and there's the girl standing there. She starts walking towards me…

I wake up 11:26! Three dreams all within about 30minutes consisting of me and this strange girl. I'm not even running with the same guy it all, but it's the same person. I knew the times because each time that's one of the first things I did. Usually I have dreams for a reason and a lot of times I can tie things into them, But this one I have NO Clue!

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Saying Mean Things to Women

Okay Now I have said some bad things before. But it has always been in my defense. Mostly people attacking me first and something mean comes out. Today I was told a story of a fellow worker of mine saying something really mean to a friend. He said it as a joke, but joking about personal issues is not funny. especially when its things the person does not want other people to know about. He then has the balls to ask she the girl is made at him. Now in his defense he is young. Now when I say young I don't mean 12. I'm 20, but I believe I have matured well beyond 20 at this point. He is 19 and he still has a long way to go. You can tell just by looking at him. Its all in life experiences and I think maybe that's why I don't hangout with people my own age. This is not me glorifying myself, but there are just some things you don't say unless you are ready for what it brings. I think he needs to not try to hurt people in the strive to make others laugh. Only do that unless you plan on not being their friend anymore. I wont tell him this though. We will all learn in our own time. No one came out and told me the lessons I learned straight out.
Tuesday, September 19th, 2006
9:13 pm
Best fight scene ever!!!! I couldn't stop laughing!
Friday, September 8th, 2006
4:02 am
Barry's Farewell...
Barry’s leaving again but this time he is actually moving to California. Which makes me want to go to. I’ll miss him but I can understand why he’s going. One reason is so he can just get past this place because it really isn’t doing anything for him. Sort of like starting a new…
And he is also going there for a girl and I am happy for him. He was kind of torn because the girl was going out with his friend but she moved to California and the boyfriend stayed and its basically Barry’s turn to try to make things work. They’ve been friends for a while and they have always said if it wasn’t for the boyfriend that there could be something between them and now there can. I know things will work out for him. I’ll try to keep in touch but this is something he can’t pass up and we both know that. So one of my best friends is gone again. I can sort of relate in wanting to start fresh with someone new. I mean new place, job and life. What more could someone who really has nothing here ask for? Barry needs this and I wish him the best!
3:06 am
Monday, September 4th, 2006
10:33 pm
Who doesn't love free food?
I went to subway on my lunch today like I do about 3 to 4 days a week and the hot chick that works there was swamped with a bunch of customers. She was the only one there I was waiting for like 15 or 20 minutes which really didn't matter but when I get to the cash register she says thats okay. I'm like really!? Sweet... Free Subway kicks ass!
Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
10:32 pm
Getting a little inebriated...
Dude last night was probably one of the best nights of the year. Or lets just say it was one of the best I can remember having in a very long time. We all woke up around like 1pm or so. I'm not one to mention how drunk I have gotten, but damn. Playing bullshit and then drinking more after that to keep up with sean. I said I was going all out and believe me I was there. It was the best to the very end. I can't really say more to describe it.
1:19 am
I think the title says it all!
Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
11:55 pm
It got a Philippino basket fuck, show him the pictures!
In thailand the exchange is 41 to 1 of our dollars! So breakfast is like 8 cents and the other thing is also hella cheap! For short time which is like 4 to 6 hours is EIGHT DOLLARS! For long time which is the whole day is TWELVE DOLLARS! I love being single and thailand just seems like disneyland... I'm going to the funniest place on earth. If I get supervisor I will be going soon to. Hella
11:29 pm
Seeing people that I wish I didn't!
I had a dream and it was one I remember which hasn't really happened since a few months ago. Usually I don't dream and less something is happening in my life and nothing is actually happening. So it makes me wonder...

On another note I saw mike again today. No one knows this mike, but every time I see him it only brings back old memories of me being the dumbest I think I have ever been (even dumber than getting in the fight with that tree and losing). He’s a nice guy and its not his fault, but that is one of the reasons why I would move to another country just so I would never have to see him or that other person again! Nothing like running from your past...

When at work and I'm dealing with a lot of customers at once because I'm working with a bunch of retards everything becomes a big blur. I was helping like three people at once today and at the end of helping the first I said, "Sorry that took so long!" he said it's alright(which might not have been true), it was interesting watching you work(Which I do believe was true).

I was helping someone today and I told we didn't have something but he didn't believe me so I took him over to the section and showed him we didn't have it and right in the middle of my sentence a dumbass old asian man came up behind me and said, "I have a question!" I turned around and said well as you can see sir I am already helping a customer so if you can wait until I'm done I will help you. SO I as finish with the first man I turn around open my eyes real big and say, "what is your question?" He asks something that I don't even deal with, but he doesn't have all the information about the product so I say the computer guys will know about that. And he says, "Ah you don't know anything." I say, "sir, I know things! You don't tell what I do and don't know! I'll punch you in the nose, besides you don't even know the answer so fuck off you old prick!" Oh yeah I that...
Sunday, August 20th, 2006
12:39 am
Bob Saget is God!
Now I admit, at first it may be hard to believe. However, I assure you, not only is Bob Saget the
world’s greatest comedian, he is indeed the holy savior himself. Of course, I would never dream
of making such a claim without proof to back it up… Here are just a few examples:

1. He Has The Power To Manipulate People

Lord Saget is well known as his role as the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos. It was on
AFHV that Bob first proved to us how powerful he was… by manipulating the voice of others.

Now I know what you are thinking, “Bob simply dubbed his voice over every video.” Yes, I admit,
this is how it appears before the untrained eye. However, the truth is, not only did Bob manipulate
the voices on every video, he was responsible for the outcomes as well. Think about it, how often
do you think a father is hit in the balls a baseball without dire consequences? Bob understands
his followers, and thus he gives us want we want, crude humor.

However, Bob didn’t stop there. He showed how much he loves his followers by giving the
winners $10,000.

When was the last time YOUR GOD gave you $10,000?

2. He Played America’s Favorite Father Figure

For many years Bob was known for his role as Danny Tanner, the loveable father figure on the
show Full House. Think about it, what is God really other than a father figure? Bob has already
proven that he can fill the role. What other father can manage three daughters, a full time job, two
unemployed friends, a dog, and keep the house clean at the same time? Not to mention he was
able to put up with the antics of Kimmy Gibler for years. Any lesser being would have killed and
raped her before the end of the first season.


Now I know what you are thinking…

“Wow, that makes so much sense, how could I possible question your logic?”

YOU CAN’T! Math is logic, and logic is power, which just goes to show that you can’t dispute the
awesome power of LORD SAGET!

The Church Of Saget

Over the last few years I have been on a search for anything and everything related to Bob
Saget, After all of my searching I've found that not a single religion acknowledges the obvious
FACT that Bob Saget is not only the world's greatest comedian/actor, he is indeed the Holy
Savior himself! Now I'm sure you are thinking the same thing that I thought when I first figured this
out: "What the hell is wrong with this world?" Well the French are still allowed to breed for one
thing, but how appalling is it that not a single sect or cult accepts the notion that the one and only
true Lord and Savior of all that is known in the entire universe is Bob Saget.

IT’S TIME that the world finally knows the truth behind the meaning of life!
IT’S TIME that the world is saved from those who wish to corrupt it!
IT’S TIME that the world can look to a true leader, one who will fight for them!
IT’S TIME that the world is told about the awesome power of Lord Bob Saget!

IT’S TIME, for us all to come together as a whole and acknowledge the cold hard fact:


Unfortunately I cannot do this alone. I call upon all of you to join in on the effort.

Together we can make the world a better place, as well as provide a safe environment for our
kids and loved ones.

Together we can spread the love that Bob Saget so graciously shares with us.

Together we can make a difference, but not without the help of God himself, Bob Saget!

So spread the word! Tell everyone you know that Bob Saget has taking you into his heart and
has opened your eyes to the truth.

Tell them what they have always known deep within their hearts, but just needed a guide to show
them the way.

With your help we can spread the word of Bob Saget and bring piece and love to all.

So join me in telling the world: "BOB SAGET SAVED MY LIFE, NOW HE CAN SAVE YOU!"

The Saget Laws

As with any church, there must be rules that each follower must follow. Christians have the Ten
Commandments, Buddhists have The Holy Eightfold Path, and thus believers in the Church of
Bob Saget follow The Saget Laws. The laws are simple, and go as follows:

1. Obey the word of Lord Saget, for it is the ultimate truth.
2. Honor Lord Saget, for it is the only way to Sagetopia ("Heaven")
3. Laugh and be jolly, for it is the way of Lord Saget.
4. Pray each day to Lord Saget, for it is the path to righteousness.
5. Spread the word of Lord Saget, for it is your duty.

Bob simply wants you to be happy, and the easiest path to happiness is to praise Bob.

Follow The Saget laws and you too will find happiness.
Thursday, August 10th, 2006
2:16 am
Holy Shit!

6 year old thai kids fighting in a ring. Picture ong bak, but with chicken size kids beating the shit out of eachother. "I take your kick to the head and raise you an elbow to the skull!" Yeah american boys are pussies!
Wednesday, August 9th, 2006
12:43 pm
Resident Evil 5 boards
what do you think is worse, a town overrun with emos or hippie tyrants?

And so random person:
Emos - Rich whiney white kids who act like the opposite sex to get attention. They often cut themselves and listen to badly sung suicidal lyrics by the latest make-up wearing fruitcake.

Hippies - Lazy drug addicts who complain about everything accomplished, hard-working people do. They put getting high and nusic before everything else in life.

They both suck, and it wouldn't hurt for them to cease to exist.
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